Follow Focus Ikan ELE-FGK 15mm

Follow Focus Ikan ELE-FGK 15mm


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The Ikan ELE-FGK Follow Focus Cine-Kit is driven by a 2" diameter control wheel and features a 2.3" diameter focus gear. Featuring low backlash, horizontal adjustment and compatibility with standard film pitch gearing of 0.8, the follow focus system can be used with a number of lenses with varied diameters.

A beveled dry erase marking disk around the 2" focus driving knob allows you to temporarily create focus marks. The 17" FG Follow Focus Whip with vinyl covering and a crank stability grip offers smooth control over focusing. Using the 2.3" FG Follow Focus Crank Knob, you can activate rapid focusing between 2 focus marks. The ELE-FGK system offers lockable focus control as well. For compatibility with small to big lenses, 2 adjustable non-scuffing zip lens gears with 2.5" and 4.25" diameter are included in the kit.

Made of aluminum, the Follow Focus Cine-Kit is sturdy and lightweight 1 lb (453 gram). The follow focus system is compatible with all industry-standard 15mm rod-based camera support systems.